Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Chrisrainemas!

One Christmas down, one to go. So far, Tally and Santa are getting along like a house on fire. She has been incredibly spoiled by the McQueens, and is soon to have the same treatment from the Raines, I'm sure. She loved all the attention and constant cuddles, but did NOT enjoy how Mommy strayed from her everyday diet - Santa should have left some tummy drops in her stocking! He did, however, leave everything she needs to start on some foods besides breastmilk in January. So, soon I will be able to eat whatever I want without being rewarded with a screamy baby - lock up yer fridges!!!!

Even Bert and Ernie escaped the daily December threat of coal in their stocking! Here they are, happy as little clams with their new toys. (Of course, they would be just as happy with one of Raine's dirty socks or sniffing each other's butts, but hey, it's Christmas.)
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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