Friday, February 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We're back from our week-long excursion to Grammie & Grampy's house! Talia was spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it. She got to play with the toys from Grammie's daycare, made friends with all the kids at Grammie's daycare, went swimming with Daddy and Grammie, and was basically held, cuddled, entertained, and smothered with kisses every waking (and almost every sleeping) minute. That's what grandparents do!

Mommy, on the other hand, was kept on her toes by those bad granparents, trying to sneak treats into that cute little baby's mouth. A baby who is beginning to eat real food is a temptation like no other to Grammie & Grampy. Mommy was constantly swooping in (in the Nicholas P. of time!) to stop one of them from feeding Talia a wide variety of things: pudding, cookies, nutrigrain bars, toast & honey, salsa (seriously, grampy? SALSA?!?) and ice cream. Who knows what they were able to sneak past poor Mommy? (much to the delight of Tally, I'm sure!)


Mommy Mouse: said...

My FIL tried to feed the big one strawberries at 2 months old. STRAWBERRIES! He may as well have given her poison, right?

The little one was luckier, he waited until she was 4 months to give her chocolate chip cookie.

Seriously. These grandparents. Thank goodness we're always on patrol to attempt to thwart their best efforts, right?

shannon said...

I cannot blame your parents for indulging that sweet, sweet girl. Trina you will have to act as a mommy-shield. Let's face facts: with a mug like your daughter's people will be giving her pieces of Moon if she looks at it longingly enough.