Monday, July 20, 2009

It's A Real Shame We're So Far Away.....

You might think that not much happens in the town I grew up in. After all, there are only about 800 people there. But after living in this thriving metropolis of 400 for the last 2.5 years, I appreciate the shenanigans of my home town, which is practically a city compared to this place.

Here's a summary of the conversation between my Dad and his back-lane neighbour this weekend:

(Dad & Neighbour, standing in Neighbour's driveway.)
Neighbour: You guys get a cat over at your place?
Dad: No! Why the hell would we get a $%@# cat? What would we do with a *$!@ cat?!?
Neighbour: Well, something's been crawling around your yard all afternoon and just went under your step.
Dad: Really? Let's go see what it is!
(Dad & Neighbour both try to peek under stairs from various angles.)
Dad: I can't see a damn thing. I'll go get a stick and scare him out!
Neighbour (lying on lawn, eyes peeled on mysterious visitor under the stairs): OK
Dad (poking furiously with stick): Do you see it?
Neighbour: Yep!
Dad: What's it doing?
Neighbour: Getting ready to spray you!
(mystery guest under stairs runs out, solves big "what IS that?" mystery by spraying Dad.)

Good old G.P., skunks and all. Can't wait to visit for August long weekend!

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Mommy Mouse: said...

So funny. Sounds a bit like something that would happen here!