Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wii Got a New Toy!!

Well, today Rainer and I leapt into 2007 and picked up a Wii. It's technically the Raine Family Christmas present this year, but we saw them at a good price and thought we might as well pick one up now, instead of possibly scrambling to find one closer to Christmas.

The Wii was only part of our shopping spree today - we picked up a few fall things for Talia, found some black shirts for the babies for the upcoming McQueen Family photo shoot, and most importantly..... I also got pants!!! It's true that I just had a baby 14 months ago, and you would think that means that I have lots of mat clothes. But Talia was a July baby, so I have lots of tank tops, cute summery tops, sundresses, skirts, and capri pants. Little Cold November is making his or her grand entrance mid-February, and no matter how big & hot I get, capri pants just aren't going to cut it in -40.

We're gearing up for next weekend's Run for the Cure. Talia's Grammie has been cancer-free since just before her first 2 grandchildren were born. Here's the whole crew at last year's run:

Last year we kept saying "by this time next year, the babies will be running around all over the place!" Little did we know that we would end up having the 2 laziest babies around, at almost 15 and 14 months neither Talia or Landon seem inclined to take any steps independently anytime soon - they are too smart to use their legs like a couple of suckers!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awww... I can't wait to hear how the walk goes! Congrats on your Grammie being cancer free... that is AWESOME!!!