Friday, October 2, 2009

One of those nights....

A recap of last night:

5:30 pm - Arrive at daycare. Baby takes one look at me and makes a beeline for the toy room, hoping to be forgotten at wondrous daycare instead of being dragged to boring old home. Listen to daycare provider talk about how baby has crush on 3 year old boy. Make mental note that husband will be meeting said boy at the front door with a shotgun in 15 years.

5:45 pm - Get home with tired baby. Use culinary skills to whip up delectable soup & grilled cheese. Thank lucky stars that husband married me for more than my supper-making abilities (namely, my ravishing good looks.)

6:30pm - Husband arrives home, and is immediately tagged in to handle supper clean up, baby clean up, and bedtime. Scoot out the door for fun-filled evening of picking up race kits & getting groceries in preparation of McQueen Thanksgiving. Remind self that the sooner I leave, the better the chance I will make it home in time for The Office.

7:00 - 7:30pm - Stand in 2 long lines, one outside in FREEZING cold, to pick up kit. Curse self for not grabbing warmer jacket. Catch up on work emails while standing in line. Get to front of line only to discover the only shirt sizes available are XXL or M. Remind self that soon I will be home on the couch, watching The Office.

7:35 - 7:45pm - Wander aimlessly through unfamiliar Superstore that is not organized like regular Superstore. Curse Galen Weston. Curse him more when I realize 1/2 the store is under construction, thereby making it impossible to find ANYTHING. Smugly pass candy aisle without stopping.

7:45 - 8:00pm - Find approx. half of items on list. Smile knowingly at short, dishevelled, exhausted-looking pregnant woman across the aisle, thinking "at least I'm not as tired as THAT woman."

8:01pm - Realize I am smiling knowingly at my own reflection. Sigh. Head back to candy aisle.

8:02 - 8:10pm - checkout & pack my own groceries, once again vowing to never return to Superstore.

8:35pm - Burst through front door, excited to have caught The Office. Notice husband is watching something else. Ask husband "Why aren't you watching The Office?" to which husband replies "The Office is on at 8."

8:36pm - leave husband to unpack groceries and go to bed. Hrmph.


Mommy Mouse: said...

GRRRRRRRRR. I hate Superstore and I don't even live in Canada or even know what that is.

In other news, I saw a man riding a motorcycle yesterday in Georgia with a Manitoba plate and immediately thought of you, despite the fact that I'm not entirely sure you even live near there.

Does that qualify me as a bad friend? Do I lose points because I didn't even know the Office was on at all?

T Mc Q said...

Good job, Manitoba is our province. (You know, like our state.) I still like you, even if you're not using your fancy new TV and cable to watch quality programming, like The Office.

Mommy Mouse: said...

Pshew. I was getting worried the one of the pups was going to edge me out for BFF#3.

And really, what was that guy doing all the way down here? I'd never ride my motorcycle all the way to Canada. (Despite the fact that I'd have to learn how to ride one first.)