Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Friday Updates

We're all glad it's Friday around here.

Declan has been a pretty chill guy since he was born, but this past week his personality is really starting to show. He thinks Mama is the BEST. THING. EVER. and laughs whenever I talk to him. Love it!!! He was 12 weeks this past Tuesday but if we're going by the date then he's not officially 3 months until next week, so I still have time to get the 3 month pics taken on time.

Talia has tooth #7 poking through. My regularly cheerful, happy, funny little girl had been replaced this week by a cranky toddler who gave people "the face" whenever they spoke to her. I fear #7 is just the beginning and over the next several days, they are all going to come in. While it will be nice when she actually has some teeth (seriously, she cries and cries to have some salad and then chokes on it everytime), I'm not looking forward to them all coming in at the same time. Although that might be better than each one making her miserable for an entire week, tooth by lousy tooth, until that cute little mouth is full. How many teeth should a 2 year old have, anyway?

I'm chugging along with my running, we're up to 4 &1s this week and it has been a really nice, gradual increase. I'm finding it easy compared to the first time I learned to run, and I like it more than I hate it. I really like getting to know people in town, and my new running friend has my same sense of humour, so we laugh through a lot of our runs together.

We have exactly 1 week to get our act together for Rainer and myself to have a hot date; Talia is going for a sleepover at Lisa's (! My baby girl is going for a sleepover! Eeeeep!) and Cuncle Kenty is going to watch The Goat while we go to dinner and a movie. The getting-our-act-together part is because we left our playpen in K-town the last time we were there, so we need to beg/borrow/steal one for Talia to sleep in - Cuncle has Landon's old one for Declan. And we also need to decide where to go for supper - it's such a rare occurence that we go out sans babies now! Who cares if they have highchairs? Who cares if the kid's menu is full of garbage? Wheeeee!!!!!

I'm trying to stick to Fly Lady's cleaning schedule. So far, so good. My front entrance/porch/dining room have never looked better. I find Fly Lady to be, ahem, a bit much. But I think she has a decent rotation for "zones" and she's completely correct that you can get a hot spot cleared of clutter or a bathroom cleaned in less than 15 minutes. And it's good to have some of her reminders about things, because I'm not gonna lie to you: if I can't see it, odds are I don't remember to clean it. The top of the fridge? Disgusting, I'm sure. Curtain rods? Please. The tops of pictures hanging on my walls? Not a chance. (Too bad the rest of the world isn't my height, instead of being tall people who can tell I'm a lazy housekeeper.)

This weekend is Mother's Day. I'm pretty sure I got hosed on the flowers I sent to the assorted Grandmas in our lives, but hey, what are you going to do? We appreciate them and wish we saw them more often. We're going for a fancy brunch on Sunday in Niverville. It is always delicious and I can't wait!!!! Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas out there!


Amanda said...

Ha! Glad Declan is finally enjoying you. I can't believe he's 12 weeks already!

Talia only has 7 teeth - that is crazy!! Pretty sure they should have 20 by the time they are two!

Congrats on the running!!

Happy mother's day!!

Jennifer said...

I love when Fridays roll around.

It's awesome watching babies personalities develop - I was hanging out with Jordan this weekend and he was having a blast, laughing and talking to me!

7 teeth - that is insane! "They" say that the longer it takes teeth to come in, the better they will be. I don't know if that means health-wise (because that could change) or space-wise. However, at Talia's rate, maybe she'll just go straight to adult teeth. ;]

That's awesome that you like running - it's something I've never gotten. I will stick with my yoga that you and Amanda don't get. Every class I go to, I think of you getting tossed out!

You and Rainer completely deserve a date! When was your last one?

I've never heard of Fly Lady. I'll have to google her. She sounds like she could be tough on cleaning.

Enjoy your brunch, and have a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!