Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting Schooled

Sometimes I think Nursery School is more trouble than it's worth - like the million fundraisers and meetings I don't attend, for starters.  Or how every Tuesday and Thursday, Talia is so thrilled to see me, but then throws a GIANT tantrum about getting strapped into her carseat because she's so exhausted. Or how she's learned so many great new things, like how to stomp her foot and roar "Diss is ALL YOUR FAULT, DECLAN!!!" at her little brother, or cross her arms and say "my no wanna be your fwiend anymore, Deckie." (Poor Declan. He totally gets the short end of the stick - he cries his heart out when Talia goes into school without him, and then is the brunt of all her naughty sayings and tricks when she gets home.)

And then she tells me things like "I missed you so much and wanted you to come back and see my turkey!" and hands me this:

..... so then I think that Nursery School is making my kid a genius.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!


shannon said...

I still have Nicholas' turkey-hand. Super impressive name writing skills Tally!!

Amanda said...

She is a genius. I love preschool. Gavin begs to stay. But then, my children already know how to get mad at each other so preschool teaches them nothing.

just tututiny said...

Genius indeed, these are so adorable. My fridge is overflowing with turkey hands from my kids ;) Thanks for sharing.