Friday, December 9, 2011

It Takes Two

So, as long-time followers of the Raine Drop (Hi Jennifer! Hi Shannon! Hi Donni!) know, Talia has had several versions of Ted E. Bear. This has served us well, since for 2 years she insisted on chewing on his face, and he would eventually become disgusting beyond repair. So Mommy would "wash him" (ie, buy another Ted) and everyone was happy.  Eventually we started staying one Ted ahead of her, which was handy for leaving one in the daycare bag, accidently leaving one behind at Uncle's, etc. She doesn't chew on his face anymore, so Ted v3.0 is actually in good shape, but we still sub Ted v4.0 in for the occasional bed-wetting or vomit incident.

It worked so well that we smugly bought 2 monkeys right off the bat with Declan. We've had Daycare George and Home George since the beginning, and it has worked just as well with Declan as it did with Talia - until recently. Because now we have a 3.5 year old who insists on opening any zipper she comes across, and naturally one morning she got into the daycare bag, saw Daycare George, and ran him right over to Declan......... who was cuddling on the couch with Home George.

It's all over. The success of Home and Daycare Georges depended entirely on them never being seen together in the same room!!!! Now one George is never enough, Declan insists "I wanna nother George!" and cannot sleep with just one. The Georges have never been happier.


Amanda said...

I could have written this exact entry about G and his two monkeys. Now, every day, it's all about two monkeys.

Jennifer said...

Hi, Trina!

G has two monkeys and I remember hearing and liking the story of how that discovery came about, but I don't remember it.

I'm liking your stories.

Two posts in two days. Can you top that with another post tomorrow?


Amber said...

Ha, ha... the stinkers! My little one has a mini mouse that she loves to carry. I thought about buying a back-up.