Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last Potty Update, I Promise

Declan is doing great on the potty. When he's home, he stays clean & dry and is willing to sit on the potty whenever I send him. He's told me he wants to go potty a couple of times but I mostly just send him. When he's out, though, he's easily distracted and basically pees his pants all over the place. Still, not too bad for 4.5 days into potty training. His nap diapers have been dry and last night after he went to bed he came out of his room to tell Rainer (in the saddest little voice) "my peed in my diaper." So I think we're getting there.

After the accident extravaganza at playgroup/our friend's house yesterday, though, I sent him to daycare today in a pull-up.  I am not a fan of pull-ups (never used them with Talia) and I don't expect he'll have had any success in keeping them dry. I have to dig out the Kushies cloth trainers for his next daycare day.

In the meantime, he seems pleased as punch to be a big boy that wears gitchies:

We'll keep working on proper gitch placement. :)

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