Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Introducing Gumdrop

Last year throughout the month of December my favourite thing to do each day was check out the shenanigans of Cupcake, my friend Megan's Elf on the Shelf. I loved everything about it. I loved the hilarious things Cupcake did, I loved the cute pictures, I loved the idea of bringing a little more magic to the Christmas season.

So this year we have our own Elf on a Shelf. He came in the mail today and we've named him Gumdrop. (I didn't plan on starting the elfy fun until December 1st, but I was home sick today and totally off my game when the mail came. Note to self: never open packages in front of the kids, dummy.)

Tonight we read the Elf on the Shelf book. Meh. I don't intend to pump up any of the "Santa's elf is watching you" stuff. My kids are generally well behaved and we don't threaten them that Santa won't come if they are naughty. I am, however, 100% behind Gumdrop getting into all kinds of mischief during the night when we're all sleeping.

So, tonight is the first night. Gumdrop made a snow fort and found a worthy opponent for a snowball fight in Mr. Potato Head. Can't wait for the kids to find them in the morning!

 Gumdrop looks confident

 Mr. Potato Head likes his chances

 Hahahahaha. Epic battle


Amanda said...

You are hilarious! AND daily blog posts? I love Gumdrop already!

Megan aka mean mama said...

Yippee. I made the blog. I didn't push Santa is watching too much. I already picked 3 things Santa's going to be watching for this year. 1)Being nice to brother 2) Listening 3) No screaming. And I'd word it as Santa's going to hear about you using your inside voice today.

Have fun. Cupcake is rolling in on the 7th of Dec this year.