Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Almost Summer, Right????

After being teased by our recent warm spell, my tiny Dictator and I have been trapped inside the house almost all week. Our only outings have been to go to the grocery store (necessary evil), to a successful Starfish & Duck swimming lesson (scream-free and full of underwater dunking, followed up by a delightful lunch with friends Guida & Joel, who are expecting their second tiny Dictator any day now) and an exercise class at the mall (followed up by a quick trip to Girl Guides where the Dictator was adored and showered with compliments.) We have been through all the toys repeatedly, right to the bottom of the toy box, and we look out the window at the backyard while I tell the Dictator all about the wonders of grass. Bert and Ernie reminisce about the good old days when they didn't have to pee in a snowbank. Yesterday Bert licked the strip of metal on the bottom of the door and his tongue got stuck there. We are all looking forward to the promise of warmer weather this weekend. I keep these pictures on the fridge to remind us that summer will come back again someday.

PS - Happy government birthday to Grammie today, happy real birthday to Grammie tomorrow! You would think after all these years she would have gotten that birth certificate fixed, no????

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