Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Off and Running

Okay, people. You are all very sweet. I appreciated all the nice comments right after Talia was born - "You look great!","You look exactly like you did before you got pregnant!","You must not have gained anything besides the baby!" But it's time to face facts. I do not, in fact, look like I did before I got pregnant. I did, in fact, gain more than 7lbs 3 oz. And things are looking far from great on many a morning here in S.A. So when I recently got the community leisure guide in the mail (a piece of legal paper, 1-sided, totally awesome!!) and saw that someone was starting a running clinic, I looked at my not-so-tiny baby in the jogging stroller (which has so far been used for brisk walking at best,) and thought it's time.

Tomorrow I am officially back in the swing of things. Hard to believe I ran 3 half-marathons the year before I got pregnant. These days I mostly run from the couch to the fridge! When I used to be an avid runner, my running club made all the difference. I hope the runners in my new club appreciate funny and/or sarcastic comments gasped out at random intervals. I wonder if I'll have to be funny completely en francais?

Check out Talia's tiny shoes, lined up at the front door. Looks like she's ready to be off and running, too. At least she's neat.


Mommy Mouse: said...

Go, Trina, go!

I made a pact with a friend tonight to at least train for a 10k in 6 weeks, I don't think I can do the actual race because I believe it coincides with the tickets Lolli got us to see Thomas the Train.

She'll get an awesome t-shirt while I'll be watching a pretend train deliver an internal monologue about wearing a snowplow.

The Turner Family said...

Oh my gosh I love the shoe picture!!!

And I know what you mean about the size comments - I've gone up 3 sizes since I got pregnant and gained 65 pounds w/ Ben and still holding on to 30 of them! I appreciate the nice comments, but make them beleivable people, haha. Your posts always crack me up.

Good luck with the jogging!!!