Friday, April 17, 2009

Trying Not to Sweat the Small Stuff - Even if it Kills Me.....

I bought a box of tea that I like at Costco. So that means I will have tea for the next 12 years, or I will be well prepared if a crowd of 500 of my closest tea-drinking friends show up at my place. Awesome! Except, so far everytime I have a cup, the little paper tab falls off, and the weight of the tea bag pulls down the string into my hot, delicious beverage.

I realize there are a lot of big things wrong in the world right now. Wars, economies, illness, loss. But honest to God, the tabs falling off my tea bags are enough to give me a nervous breakdown. How am I going to escape from the real problems in life if my tea lets me down? What am I expected to do, USE A SPOON?!?! Unacceptable. I will have to follow Talia's lead and let it all go to have sweet dreams like she's having in this picture.

In other news, Talia is learning from her fur brothers. Following in the footsteps of Ernie, she has started scratching the snack tray on her exersaucer when it is empty. I hope she doesn't also pick up licking herself in front of company and barking furiously at cars.

ps - Shout outs to Shan for finding the Gemini sale and Sandra for reminding me about it! Great deals, and I loves me a bargain.

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