Monday, June 8, 2009

Green-ish Thumbs

This weekend we planted our garden. It is 1,000 square feet of vegetabley goodness. Well, hopefully it will be, someday. Right now it's more like 1,000 square feet of weeds & seeds. Grow, seeds, grow!! Get lost, weeds, get lost!!

Talia was a great helper. Without her, we wouldn't have anyone to eat clumps of dirt or randomly shake leftover seeds all over the lawn. I don't think Grampy will be impressed by our yard if we have random carrots and beanstalks sprouting up willy-nilly all over the place. Note to self: next year, put Ernie in charge of supervising Talia, as Bert seems to be no match for her.

In other news, Talia is now crawling over to things and pulling herself up like crazy. She's been able to pull up for months; she just hasn't been able to get herself over to something she can pull up on. We're really in trouble now, kids.

And lastly, we have to find a new spot for Talia's hamper, because instead of sleeping, she likes to pull her dirty clothes out of her hamper, through the bars, into the crib.

What a stinker.

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Ms. Mc said...

Awesome new posts! Guess who's going to be neighbors at Camp Wannakumbac?? Your in Tamarack and we're in Pine. Be sure to have a cup of sugar handy.
Talia - your rockin' beach ready bod is a showstopper! You're sure to win the hearts of all the cute boys that will be in attendance. Look out Raines!