Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Itchy For Summer!

Talia has been working hard to ensure her rockin' bod is beach ready. As you can see in this picture, all her hard work has paid off: she is perfect in her new bikini. Never mind that she is unevenly tanned (the skin in those creases never sees the sun, yo) or that her Great-Auntie Perley called her a pregnant 9 month old (geez, Perley! She's 10 months old, look at a calendar, would ya?!?) Daddy is opening the pool this weekend and summer is officially about to begin.

Bikinis are appropriate for summer weddings, right? Because we're taking this show on the road! We'll be attending Courntey & Matt's wedding at Camp Wannakumbac!!!!! This will be Talia's first trip to Clear Lake, where her Mama spent every summer when she was growing up. I wonder, will Talia inherit the "itch-resistant" gene from Mama, or will she be like poor Daddy, covered in spots and itchy for weeks after a 10 minute dip in Clear Lake?

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Mommy Mouse: said...

Goodness, that little butter ball is cute.

Love, Mommy Mouse