Monday, November 16, 2009

I Don't Mean to Alarm You....

..... but someone told me this weekend there were only 40 days left until Christmas. Eep, eep, eep. That was enough to catapult our little family into full-on Christmas mode. On Saturday Daddy got the Christmas lights all set up with the timer and put good old Santa on guard by the front door. Saturday night saw us take in the Santa Claus parade for the first time as a family - I've walked in the parade before with the Girl Guides. It's way colder sitting and watching, even with this nice weather. After the parade we picked up some fast food, which Talia turned her nose up at. (She threw her Baby Burger over the edge of her highchair for the boys to enjoy, and tucked into her green beans, cheese, multigrain crackers, and raspberries while Mama & Daddy enjoyed their A&W.) On Sunday we got to see the lights in action, and tried to teach Talia who Santa was ("Danta!") and what he says ("Bo, bo bo!")

We've also been helping Santa with a little Christmas shopping, as we picked up a kitchen set & toddler bed to go in Talia's new Big Girl bedroom. We had a hard time finding a food set to go with the kitchen that included healthy options, since most of them come full of cake, pie, fries, nuggets, hotdogs etc. You know. All the delicious food I think is a treat, that m'girl spits out in disdain. We eventually got some nice fruits & veggies at Toys R Us.
Our Christmas preparations continued this morning when we went to Staples to purchase some Christmas paper for Grammie's annual holiday letter, and then scored the first box of Christmas organges of the season at Superstore. Holla.

Clearly, we went from 0 to 60 and exhausted Talia. She's going to have to pace herself if she's going to make it through the holidays!

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