Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Big Girl

Throughout this entire pregnancy, I've been telling myself and anyone who asks "Meh, we're not worrying about getting ready for the baby until after Christmas." Well, guess what, folks: after Christmas is here.

Grammie and Grampy left on the 27th. Before they left they emptied the furniture from our spare room and took a load of things to Value Village for us in their truck. Then we got busy turning our spare room (what we used to call Kent's room on account of the view of the pool) into a big girl room. I cried for most of the day. Talia has changed so much in the last few weeks - becoming a real walker, eating with utensils, drinking out of a real cup instead of a sippy, talking up a storm - and I was suddenly feeling very guilty about the arrival of a new baby rushing her through her babyhood. Fortunately Raine was here to remind me that a) she didn't walk until she was almost 17 months old, so she's had a good run at being babied, b) she is never going to remember a time when she didn't have a younger sibling, so it's not like she's going to be pining away for these days and c) she's super excited about becoming more & more independent. Still, it was hard on Mama.

We finished the room Monday night after Talia went to bed. On Tuesday I was feeling unsettled all day at work, anxious about the transition and not looking forward to what I expected to be a long night ahead. As it turned out, there was no need. When we got home, we turned her loose in her new room and she loved it! She played in there all evening. After supper we did her regular bedtime routine and tucked her into her new bed, where she stayed for the entire night. (Okay, Daddy found her sleeping on the floor BESIDE her bed a few times, but it still counts!) And so far today she's gone down for 2 naps in her bed with no problem at all. In celebration of her big-girlness, we broke out the Tadoodles this afternoon. We made a glorious mess and celebrated with a nice bath.

So, big girl room: check. Now, on to the rest of our list. This weekend we're shopping for a new crib mattress and a (sigh) double stroller. I think we're going to get a sit'n'stand instead of one with 2 seats. And I suppose I should pick up some newborn-sized diapers and perhaps a nice warm outfit to come home from the hospital in. Eeeeep! We're having a BABY!!!!


Amanda said...

We got a sit'n'stand and we love it. However, I did sling G a lot in the beginning and C would still just use the regular stroller, but this was because G hated using the carseat. Really - you aren't in a big rush for a stroller now though, because I doubt you'll need it in the winter?

I, too, felt bad about rushing C. I cried a lot about her growing up. I didn't have her as a baby for long, as she hit milestones so early - she was walking at 9 months! But, it's fun to see her interacting with G now that he's getting to be a bit more fun. It's crazy - I was always scared to have a 2nd baby because I couldn't imagine loving anyone as much as I loved C, but it works out.

T Mc Q said...

I would definitely use a sling/single stroller combo if the baby was coming in the summer, but since it's going to be Feb., the baby will be under the Cozy Cover in the bucket, so the bucket will have to come with us to get from the car to wherever we're going. (I don't want to put a newborn in a snowsuit in the carseat; I don't feel like it's as safe because you can't get the straps tight enough.) I can't carry the bucket all over the mall, etc. and Talia will still be too little to walk very far, especially all bundled up & with boots on. Not that I'm going to go very many places by myself with the 2 of them at first anyway, but you know. Even to park 2 blocks away from the dr.'s office will mean lugging that big, heavy stroller out. Sigh. Tell me again why we live in Manitoba?

I'm really excited to see Talia have a sibling. My brother is one of my best friends, I hope these 2 are just as close!

Amanda said...

True. I keep forgetting that Talia is younger than C was. I love the bucket seat - I hate doing snowsuits/parkas in the car for the same reason you do. You'll get it all figured you. You are a great mom!

Mommy Mouse: said...

We have a Joovy and we love it. I did the sling thing too but it rarely gets below 40 here and as you know my second one was a summer baby, where it rarely gets below 100 here.

I know, you should move HERE!

Jennifer said...

I can't imagine how hard it would be to have to do these necessary milestones. I find it hard enough seeing my niece's and nephew's milestones, and they're not even mine!