Friday, January 15, 2010


Any day now we are going to have to stage an intervention for our darling Talia. I know, I know, you're probably all thinking "What's her addiction? Booze? Pills? Meth?" but the sad truth is we're looking for a 12-step program to help our bottomless pit with her addiction to broccoli.

We've always known she's been a fan of broccoli, since the very first time I steamed it into a soggy mess and cut it up into teeny-tiny bite size pieces for her. Her daycare provider has often told me she has to wait until Talia has eaten the meat & rice off her plate before she's allowed a "dessert" of broccoli, otherwise she'll want a broccoli-only lunch. Last weekend Tally learned how to say broccoli. Well, sort of. She now squeals "Boppli! Boppli!" while furiously signing "please."

I am more than happy to give her what she wants when she asks for fruit or veggies. We like broccoli, too, and usually have it at least once a week anyway, so this is no big deal. But this week our broccoli consumption has gotten out of control. We've had broccoli 3 times for supper, and Talia has taken care of all the leftovers for snacks and dessert on the days that boppli hasn't made an appearance on our supper table. She's asked for it for breakfast almost everyday this week, and for lunch at daycare (although the daycare provider had no idea what she wanted, lol.) She talks about it to her stuffed animals; Grammie can't get a word in edgewise on the phone because her granddaughter keeps rambling on and on about her favourite food.

Breakfast this morning was particularly hard on her:

Talia: signing please repeatedly (after polishing off a big bowl of Cheerios & milk and a dish of applesauce)
Mama: Tally Raine, what else would you like?
Talia: Boppli! Boppli! BOPPLI!!!!!!
Mama: Sorry, honey, we don't have any broccoli. What else would you like?
Talia: (whimpering, signing slowing down) boppleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
Mama: Pick something else, sweets.
Talia: (sad, but goes back to her standard breakfast top-up) bana? bana?
Mama: You bet! One banana, coming up!! (goes to counter, discovers we are out of bananas) Rats.

That's when Talia decided to have a tantrum for breakfast. Poor bunny. If you would like to participate in our intervention, please prepare a short statement about how Talia's addiction to broccoli is affecting your life.


Amanda said...

Nice! See, you may not blog regularly, but when you do, it's a gooder!

Chelsea used to refuse the free cookie at superstore and demand broccoli instead. She once grabbed a bunch of broccoli and was walking around the store, eating it like a lollipop.

Mommy Mouse: said...

You are officially the worst blogger ever.

Mommy Mouse: said...

Wait, I'm sorry- wrong blog.

Poor Tally and her mean mama who won't give her boppli whenever she wants it.

I feel the same way about the little one and string cheese. She also needs a 12 step program.

Jennifer said...

Awesome post!

I wasn't expecting the broccoli addiction - at her age, I was thinking more so cigarettes, but alas, I was wrong.

I also see in photos on FB that she has plastic broccoli that she plays with. Is that her security blanket? Does it travel everywhere with her and sleep with her?

Mary K. said...

Too funny. I'm thinking maybe I should try giving Nathaniel more broccoli!