Monday, February 1, 2010

Who's the Boss?

Talia has always been Daddy's girl, right from the start. Mama's okay, but Daddy rocks her little 18-month old world. She squeals with delight when he comes home, she doesn't think Mama gives baths or reads bedtime stories correctly, and her favourite thing to do on the weekend is climb up on his lap for a little "second breakfast" after she's done eating her own.

So it was no surprise last night when our little family was hanging out, talking about the new baby, and I asked her "Tally Raine, who's going to be the new baby's best friend? Mommy or Daddy?" and got a definite "DADDY!" for a response. I was surprised, however, when I went on to ask her "Tally Raine, who's the boss around here? Mommy or Daddy?" and got a just as definite "MOMMY!"

What can I tell you? M'girl is a genius. Take that, Daddy.

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Jennifer said...

hahaha - She's young enough to say that daddy will be the baby's best friend. If she was older and thought about it, she'd pawn the baby off on inferior Mommy, so she'd get Daddy all to herself.