Friday, February 26, 2010

Couch Potatoes

We've been enjoying the last week with Daddy being home by mostly just staying home and adjusting to life with our newest addition. We love, love, love the Olympics and have had a LOT to do around the couch. It's pretty funny that the world's biggest celebration of sport turns us into hard-core couch potatoes.

We did venture out a little bit. Declan went to his 2 week Dr. appt., where we learned he grew an inch and gained a pound since leaving the hospital about 10 days earlier. It appears as though he will have his father's gigantification if he keeps this up! I was glad to see how much he grew, since he lost a lot of weight in the beginning and I was worried he was going to be a slow gainer like his big sister was - hard as that is to believe when you see her now, lol.

Talia seems to be adjusting to her role as big sister pretty well. She is constantly hovering around "brotter" and likes to pile toys, books and blankets on top of him. She crouches beside him as he sleeps, optimistically chirping "Hi! Hi! Hi!" even though her little brother never answers. We were glad to get these grinning shots of our big girl when Susie dropped by early in the week.
Talia did get a wee bit spoiled with all the grandparents around for so long, she learned a new word ("cook-eeeeeeeeee!" - thanks a lot, Grampy!!!) and developed a taste for something sweet after supper (again, thanks a lot, Grampy!!!) She wants us to feed her, even though she's been feeding herself with utensils for at least 4 months now. We've had a few battles, the most recent being today when she refused to say or sign please at lunchtime. She's been signing please for months and was saying please consistently before Declan was born, so I know she can do both, and will accept either from her. So when she misbehaved at lunchtime (throwing her food over the edge of her highchair tray) and I took her lunch away from her, I expected her to do one or the other if she wanted her lunch back. She chose to have a tantrum instead. She'll be getting her lunch as her afternoon snack once she wakes up from her nap.... IF she says please!

Declan the Amazing Sleeper continues to make nights easy on Mama, sleeping 5 and 6 hour stretches. My brother is incredibly annoyed by this, lol. He has a son who is the same age as Talia, and he is still not sleeping through the night consistently. My bro thought this was because boys sleep through the night much later than girls, and when Declan was born, he was all "You'll get yours!!!!" (He's clearly still irritated that our first baby came home from the hospital sleeping from midnight to 6am.) He can't believe we were lucky enough to get another sleepy baby.

As for me, I feel really good, have lost almost all the baby weight already (the secret clearly being to be sick as a dog so you can't eat much of anything) and am super stoked to be wearing regular clothes again - even though those clothes are yoga pants and flannel pyjamas. (I scored a new pair of jammies at Zeller's this week - $7.50. What a deal!) Now, if only spring would hurry up and get here so I could get both of these kids outside for some nice long walks and playdates at the park.


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Jennifer said...

I never thought about it before, but you hit it right on the head - that the world's biggest celebration of sports turns us into hard-core couch potatoes. I don't watch sports. Ever. And yet, I'm addicted to the Olympics. Last night I was falling asleep on the couch, but had to stay up to watch the hockey game. Hockey!? Me?! Seriously?!

I love hearing your updates, so keep blogging!

The pictures are adorable!

primaDonna said...

Go Team Canada! (I mean you guys)

So cute, Treen. Talia is STILL the best-looking child I have ever seen. And Declan looks comfy.

I too, have been addicted to (CTV's coverage of)the Olympics.

Glad to see everyone is doing well.

Talk soon!