Monday, August 30, 2010

All Done Hog-Dog!

We tried out the new fire pit yesterday! Daddy is an excellent fire pit builder, but thankfully Mommy is a Girl Guide and actually knows how to get a fire going.

Declan failed to see the appeal.

Talia was right in the action like a dirty shirt.

She was too distracted by the fact we were eating outside to be very interested in her supper, she had about 3 bites and declared "All done hog-dog!"
But she kept running back to her little table for another bite here and there. We did manage to get her attention with the S'mores, though. She was super excited to have a "tweat!" (treat) and especially thrilled to taste the delicious Cadbury chocolate for the first time - "More shock-it, peeeeeeeze!"

When we were talking about putting in a fire pit, Rainer and I were so excited for the kids to be big enough to have wienie roasts in the backyard. I love when a plan comes together, don't you?


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Amanda said...

Umm.. you guys eat hotdogs???? At least tell the truth - are they at least tofu/veggie dogs? I'm having a hard time believing that you would eat something so unhealthy!