Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Surviving the Great Plague

We at the Raine Drop have just been hit by the Great Plague of 2010. It hasn't lasted terribly long - we're getting better already, actually - but it has knocked us on our collective arse.

Since today was the first day since the weekend that I didn't feel like death was imminent, I finally summoned up the energy to take the kids outside. (The weather is lousy here, so at least we haven't been missing much while we've been sick!)

We started off strong. I set Declan up with some toys to chew on, sitting on a blanky, while Talia amused herself by running all over the yard, looking for "Nernie poop!" Declan took in the backyard and vaguely remembered the great outdoors.

Declan, after trying to follow the puppies as they zoomed past him:

As I went to un-topple Declan, Talia decided that 15 degrees and a kiddie pool full of dirty water from days of wind & rain made for the perfect conditions for swimming.

My little waterbug.

I fished Talia out and told her to go play with her brother.

"Brother! I runnin'!!!"

"Brother! I sleepin'!!!"

At this point it started to rain a bit, but we aren't made of sugar, so it was hoods up and full steam ahead. How is it possible that 2 people that love hats like Rainer and myself have produced an offspring who HATES anything on his cute little head?

Trying to distract Declan from the fact his hood was up, I told Talia to show us her best moves.
"Brother! I readin'!!!"
"Brother! I wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"

Even Ernie wasn't impressed.

Then it started to pour, so we came in for reals. Sigh. The good thing is the kids are still sick, so that mere 20 minutes outside zonked them right out. They had an early lunch and were practically begging for naps. The bad thing is Mama is still sick, too, and that 20 minutes nearly killed me. I think I'll go join the McRainer Super Sleepers for a little shut-eye myself.


shannon said...

Oh Brother! Those crazy kids. In fourteen minutes I am calling Dr. Doctor's office to snag a moment of his time. He better be ready to squeeze me in!!!! You and your kids can come with me if you like.

T Mc Q said...

I would have taken us all to our own Dr. Doctor but I'm too sick, ha. The mere thought of packing everyone up, driving all the way there, sitting in the office.... no thanks, I'll just die in my sleep tonight. That will be less painful.

Amanda said...

Sucks that you guys are all sick. Your kids are stinkin adorable though. I love the looks D. gives you.