Friday, October 22, 2010

The Boys

When we were expecting Talia, we didn't know how "the boys" would react to having a baby in the house. When we brought her home from the hospital, they were initially wild with excitement to get a good sniff, but it was sort of like they knew she was tiny, and vulnerable, and here to stay.

We spent a few days training them to stay off a blanket on the floor, so when Talia arrived and started hanging out on the floor everyday, they already knew that was a no-dog zone. That particular rule resulted in a lot of this:

The novelty eventually wore off with Ernie, but Bert took the responsibility of taking care of his baby very seriously. When I would nurse Talia, he would sit right in front of us like he was standing guard - not even Ernie could get by him. And although both pups were very good about the "no dogs on the blanket" rule, occasionally we would find Bert, snuggled up to his baby, giving us his best puppy dog eyes.

Before too long, he trained his partner in crime to use her puppy dog eyes, too.

"Aw, Mommy, can't Bert stay here with me? Just this once?"

When we brought Declan home, the boys hardly noticed there was a new baby in the house. Now that he's on solids, they've decided he's okay, and like to hang out under his highchair. But they generally can't be bothered to sneak on the blanket anymore. Unless, of course, the combination of nice cushy blankets, a firm pillow at chin-height, and the glorious sun spot combine to make the baby's blanket the most irresistable spot in the house.

Here's hoping the new baby will sleep just as peacefully in that same spot!

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Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure that I'd curl up on your floor on that exact spot too. There's just something about napping in the sunshine that gets me.