Monday, October 4, 2010

Score Another For The Catholics

Declan was finally baptized this past weekend. My Mom is super relieved and had a good sleep on Saturday night for the first time since he was born. She believes in the old-school Catholic belief that an un-baptized baby will never get into heaven, so I'm sure she has been a nervous wreck for the past almost-8 months.

Before the baptism I was wondering who would be silently judging me more, the people who thought I was still fat from the last baby, or the people who realized I'm already pregnant with the next one. When I finally found something to wear (a non-maternity shirt that is totally maternity-styled and a pair of pants from before I got pregnant with Talia - how do those still fit???) it was pretty clear everyone would be able to tell baby # 3 is well on the way! My entire family laughed right out loud when I came out of my room, I guess until this weekend I'd been hiding the bump pretty well this time.
We were expecting our regular priest to do the baptism, so we were a little surprised when we got there and it was the parochial assistant. I mean, it was fine and all, just not who we expected. So the thank you card was addressed to Father Phil, but my glossing-over-the-details husband gave it to the other guy anyway, ha! Oh well.

We met a little boy at church whose middle names are Declan and Raine, what are the odds of that? His mom was thrilled to bring her little boy over to meet our Declan.

Declan was feverish and kind of a cranky mess until the end of the baptism. My Mom took great pleasure in claiming the baptism healed him, but I think he was just excited to get to the party afterward.

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Amanda said...

So glad it went well for you. That is a cute outfit. I love babies in white.