Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Tired

Really, really tired. We've had a long few weeks around here. Our string of good luck with Talia's super-human immune system came to a halt, and of course you all know how Declan showed off his ability to turn purple. You name it, we've had it - some terrible virus that may or may not have been RSV, strep throat, double ear infections, stomach flu, hacking coughs that keep you up all night, staph infections (Yes, those are from the same family as flesh-eating disease. No, that does not mean the natural assumption to make when you suddenly get a blister on your baby finger is OMG I NEED TO GET MY HAND AMPUTATED, Rainer.) Throw into the mix a weekend of Grandparents, ridiculous amounts of sugar, and missed naps/late bedtimes...... is it any wonder I've been tempted to put these children on the curb for both garbage and recycling day this week??

In the middle of all this, we decided it was time to pull the plug, so to speak. So after we felt like we were finally on the upswing, we took Declan's soother away 2 nights ago. It wasn't a very big deal when we took Talia's away, but I was still anticipating SOME KIND of reaction from Declan. Instead, he didn't seem to notice. Seriously, I tucked him into his sleep sack, gave him George the Monkey, and closed his door. He chatted to himself for less than 10 minutes and went to sleep. Didn't hear or see him again for 12 hours. What a guy. He had a harder time during nap the next day, he woke up a couple of times and fussed for about 5 minutes at a time before going back to sleep, but his second night was a repeat of the first. Which is just as well, of course, since his sister's ear sprung a leak late enough during the day to require a trip to the emergency room instead of to our regular doctor's office. (I'm 3 weeks away from having a baby; guess how much I love hauling 2 kids around, in & out of carseats, to the hospital and then the pharmacy, during supper time. GAH.) Needless to say, I was wiped out by the time we finally got home last night, and was glad both kids went right to bed and stayed there.

Today, however, both kids believe naps are BS. Talia because her ear is still draining and is actually really gross and probably pretty sore, and Declan - maybe he's missing his soother? Or maybe his sister is keeping him up? Who knows. Let's just all say a prayer that his ear doesn't start leaking, too. I could really use the break of a daycare day tomorrow!!

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Amanda said...

You guys just can't get a break at all. I'm praying for a long healthy stretch for your kiddos now!

I hope you start to get caught up on your rest, but it's 11 at night and I see your FB chat is on, so apparently tonight is not the night. Sleep well. :P