Friday, February 25, 2011

Miss Independent

So my two year old thinks she's sixteen. This "my do it MYSELF!" stage is driving me nuts. Fortunately, she gets her height from her mother, so for a lot of the things she tries to do herself, the sound of a kitchen chair being dragged across the floor tips us off. Mostly I try to foster her independence - hey, in a month's time, it's only going to help me out if she can get her own drink of water and peel her own banana. But the one place we struggle over her independence is the bathroom. And here's your warning: the rest of this post is about the two year old's bathroom habits, read at your own risk.

She's been trained since last May and only wears a diaper at night. Lately, she wants to do it all by herself. She's actually fine for #1 - she has a little stool and seat, can set it all up herself, wipe, flush, and then yells for help reaching the taps to "wash my dirty hands." She *thinks* she's fine for #2 as well, but here's the thing: SHE'S NOT.

So when I realize she's in the potty, I always go to check on her to see if she requires assistance. She promptly kicks me out of the bathroom, saying "Go 'way, Mommy. My poopin' is PIBATE! Go see my brudder." (So then I loiter in the hallway to intercept her before she pulls her pants up over her still-dirty bum, reminding her that she needs to call Mommy for help.)

Today, however, she called for me in the bathroom! Success! I thought. I hurried right in, excited to praise her for calling me, but she cut me off with "My not done, my still poopin'.... Mommy, can you get Bert for me?"

Because GOD FORBID her mother is anywhere near the bathroom, but her furry friend Bert is apparently a necessity to the process. Hrmph.


Jennifer said...

"Pibate" cracks me up.

I do wonder, though, why Bert (and not Ernie) was necessary.

Amanda said...

Maybe Bert is the new Purex or Charmin? ;)

We dealt with the same issue. Even now, a few years later, it is an issue from time to time. Today, for example, I walked into the kitchen to see my daughter naked, on her hands and knees, trying to wipe her bum with a baby wipe because "it's hurting." Really? You are almost 4. The best place to do this is the kitchen floor? A'ight.

primaDonna said...

Treen - I know nothing of toddler pooping habits but have to tell you this.

I had a dream this morning that my mom and I were in San Diego and we ran into you and your mom in a store in a mall. And I was so excited and said "Treen! What are you doing here?"

And then my alarm went off and I never found out.

Do you know what you and Mrs. McQueen were doing in San D?

It was good to see you tho!!

shannon said...

Nicholas is a regular during my busiest bathroom time in the morning. We have limited bathroom space. Usually I am in the shower when the door swings open and Nicholas (armed with a library of books) saunters into the bathroom and perches on the toilet. I hear him singing and talking to the dog. He will sit there for fifteen minutes reading and playing with random toys while I race to get ready. I know he's been there awhile because when he's done there is a red imprint of the toilet seat on his behind. Hot. Time for an en suite.
Pray for another girl child dollface!