Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Kid

Talia is at a really fun stage. She cracks me up and makes me want to pull my hair out, at the same time, all day long. Here are a few of her latest gems:

Heading out the door for daycare: "My be wight back, Mommy. You no be scared. Okay?"

After I flushed the toiled while giving her a hard time for having an accident: "Da poop's all gone, Mommy. It no bug you no more."

Tucking her big plastic Bert into my bed one morning: "My dust need to put diss ya-liddle guy to bed. Sweep dweams, Bertie."

As soon as we turn the corner and she sees the park: "Oh, DERE's da park! Sank-oo, Mommy!"

At Ruby's baptism, after I told her she had to keep quiet because it was the priest's turn to talk: "Him hafta take turns wif ME, Mommy."

Asking for some Easter treats (that are in the freezer): "Uh, can you find some bunny eggs for me?"

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