Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Summer Updates

I wrote a lovely, sentimental post about Talia's birthday earlier this week. After several days of Blogger refusing to publish it, (what the hell, Blogger?) it inexplicably disappeared. So since I'm still up waiting for the diapers in the washing machine, this is the best I can come up with right now:

- Talia had a fun birthday party with lots of little friends. There is a group of us here in town that have a little girl Talia's age and a little boy Declan's age, and most of those families came to the party. I love it!! I actually didn't think we'd get many people who were able to come, since it's lake season and all, but it was busy and chaotic and so much fun.

- We're waiting for Auntie Kylie, Uncle Chris and the kids to come this weekend. Can't wait to see them. I'm hoping we can sneak the kids off to Walmart or someplace to get their picture taken while we have all 5 of the grandkids together, it will be a nice gift for Rainer's parents.

- I'm pretty sure I broke my toe on the new playstructure. That is not awesome.

- Rainer just said the other day that it's been months since Declan sounded like a coffee perk when he breathed, and now he's been coughing his head off all night. Jinxed.

- Ruby's announcement/thank you cards finally came! Now to find time to get them written up and sent out before she's out of diapers.

- We have no daycare. It's fun to have lots of days to do summer things with the kiddies, but it's also harder to do things like big grocery trips or days of errands with multiple stops. I also think I should have tried harder to do things like, oh, I don't know... go to the dentist? get an oil change?... when I still had daycare.

- Talia loves my old Smurf collection. She calls them "Spoops" - I don't know why but I've gotta tell you, I'm not correcting her.

- I'm totally obsessed with that show "Oddities." Have you seen it? I love it!!

- I would like to go to bed before midnight one of these days. Yawn.

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