Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mommy Got Back

Since Ruby was born I've lost 46lbs. That's way more than the small amount of weight I gained during my pregnancy (the upside to being sick for the entire time!) and my Dad even thinks I'm smaller now than I was in highschool. He's wrong, but it's nice that he's noticed the change. So I'm feeling pretty good about myself these days. Well, I was feeling pretty good about myself, until today.

Today we stayed inside to beat the heat. Yes, we have that pool in the backyard, but I can't manage all 3 of my babies in the pool by myself, it's too hot for Ruby to be outside and not in the water, and it's so hot Declan's non-walking legs get burned on the deck, concrete, etc. So.

Declan is pretty good at identifying body parts, but if I ask him "where's your nose?" he finds my nose instead of his. So today I was playing with him and working on body parts, with Talia jumping in here and there when she felt like it. All of a sudden I felt a little tap on my butt and Talia asked "Dat your bum, Mommy?" I said yes, and she said "WOW! Iss weally biiiiiiiiiiig!" Thanks, Tal.

Ha ha ha ha ha boo hoo hoo.

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Amanda said...

46 pounds is amazing. Seriously awesome!!

Don't lose too much or your kids will start making other comments. "Mommy - why don't you have boobs anymore. You don't even need your bra."

Thanks Chelsea.