Thursday, May 10, 2012

Too Fast

My big girl is growing up so fast. Too fast. 

Today the news broke that the school here in town is moving to full-time Kindergarten next year. (They already do full days, just every second day.) 

My Mommy friends here in town are thrilled. I absolutely get the things they are excited about - it will decrease on childcare costs, make childcare easier, the kids love school and will be excited to go, they are used to full days at daycare anyway, etc. 

I myself have often thought full-time Kindergarten is no big deal. So why is it making me so sad? I am almost panicked at the thought of having only 1 more year with Talia at home. She's not even home half-time, since I'm at work, and she already goes to nursery school a few mornings a week. I know she'll be ready for it and will love it. I'm just so sad that her time to be home is quickly slipping away.


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Amanda said...

Full time, every day?? We do half days every day. I've often though full days every other day would be perfect. Half days are pretty much annoying.

But I hear you. I'm not panicked about 1/2 days in K, the thought of her being gone for a full day in Gr 1 makes me sick to my stomach.