Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Updates

  • The kids weigh 20lbs, 30lbs, and 40lbs right now. I just think that's kind of neat.

  • Starbucks is not nearly as wonderful without the fat and sugar. In fact, it's pretty terrible.

  • We found Spare George in the toybox at Kids Spot this morning, and there was much rejoicing.

  • I am delinquent in 2 surveys for the CHILD Study. Declan is totally going to get kicked out of that study. Whoopsy-daisy.

  • Talia has informed me that Keenan, a boy in her Nursery School class, is her best friend. Really? Some boy she sees for 4 hours a week? Not her friends Charli or Olivia, who she plays with all the time? Not her friends Kelly or Stephan who she sees 3 days a week at daycare? Nope. Some boy at Nursery School that she doesn't even really play with. (Note to self: explain to Talia what a best friend is.)

  • I think we're safe to say Talia is sling-free.  She's been going a few hours a day without it and has now been to a full day of daycare and a day of preschool without it, and seems to be fine.  And she also has the giant lump, which is apparently the "Halleluia! It's healed!" sign to look for with a broken collarbone. So that's good, and just in time for Blast Ball and Soccer to start.

  • I've been back to work for about a month now, and it's good. Part-time is a great mix of work and home for me.

  • I'm down just over 10lbs so far. 1/4 of the way there. Too bad the first quarter is the fastest and easiest, there is still a long road ahead of me.

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