Monday, September 17, 2012

Progress, Part 2

Talia and Declan started gymnastics today!

Talia did gymnastics last year.  Her coach looks like she's about 18 but she really is an accomplished OT with a Master's Degree who just happens to enjoy coaching gymnastics on the side. She recognized Talia's physical challenges and was fantastic with her.

This is Declan's first year in gymnastics. He's only 2.5 and although he's the most obedient of our children BY A MILE, this is his first solo activity! Gymnastics is a drop-them-off-and-pick-them-up activity this year and I was not sure how he would do, so I told the coach that if she changed her mind about the "no parent spectators" rule after her first class with Declan, that was cool with me.

Declan's class is first and when it was over I was happy to hear that Declan was a great listener and did well during his class - even though he never said a word the whole time. Haha. She thought that was really funny since she was used to getting the silent treatment from Talia all last year.  (But she said he was great and there's no need for either of us to stay with him - which totally bums us out, because preschool gymnastics is the best show on earth. Last year Talia's "nastics" class was the highlight of our week.)

But I was over the moon thrilled when Talia's class was over and her coach came up to me and said "what a difference a few months makes!" We chatted for a few minutes and she said that our physiotherapist is going to be AMAZED at the improvement when she sees Tal this fall. 

So happy for m'girl!!

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Amanda said...

Wooohoo! Your kids are just rockin' it this year!