Sunday, September 16, 2012

To Talia at Four

Dear Talia,

It's hard to believe you are already 4 years old. It seems like just yesterday you arrived on the scene and made us a family of 3.  You've only been here 4 short years and already you are the ring-leader of the 3 Raine Circus.  You are still as stubborn as you've ever been. My favourite trick of yours these days is how you pretend the alphabet doesn't even exist with me, but you can correctly identify all the letters for your brother or Grammie. Stinker!!

You are getting so grown up. I love having chats with you about whatever happens to be rattling around inside your head. I hope Daddy and I are always going to be the ones to get your tough questions.  You love to help any way you can - you take the recycling out, you run out to the curb to bring the garbage cans in, you help me in the kitchen, you sing the clean-up song and boss your little brother and sister around when it's time to clean up....... you are lots of help and such good company.

You are so sweet these days. Often at the supper table you'll say "Sanks for making us a nice supper!" Recently I went away overnight and you were so worried I wasn't coming back - you asked me "Mommy, are you sure you aren't going to stay here anymore?" You take on the weight of the world on your little four year old shoulders. You're a heartbreaker, kid.

You are paying more and more attention to the world around you. Every morning when Daddy leaves for work, he says "Daddy's got to bring home the bacon!" I didn't think you'd ever paid attention to that until the other day when you told Grammie "Mommy is at work and Daddy went to the store to buy some bacon."  You are Daddy's little shadow and love spending time going on "adventures" to Home Depot and Canadian Tire.

You take your responsibility of being the big sister very seriously - which is kind of hilarious, considering how close in age you all are. But Declan is still your best buddy and neither you or Ruby can sleep without the other being in the room.

Hanging out with the French kids has rubbed off on you, you almost always call me "Maman." It's super cute. Often during the day you screech "MAMAN!!!!" repeatedly until I exasperatedly say "WHAT?!?" - then you smile sweetly and say "I love you."  You were never snuggly or cuddly as a baby but suddenly you love to crawl into my lap. I love it. Every time I pick you up these days I think that it might be the last time I ever pick you up, but at least we've still got lots of time left for cuddling.  I can't wait for all the fun things we'll do together as you get older.



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