Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Okay, I admit it. We've had a long run with Gumdrop this year. The day after he switched the stockings for gitchies, he *might* have forgotten to move. Fortunately Daddyo saved the day and herded the 3 Raine Circus into the potty, giving Gumdrop time to hop down off the mantle into Talia's stocking.  (And in all the excitement I *might* have forgotten to take a picture of him.)

But he seems to have recovered. Here he is from earlier this week. If there is one thing our kids love, it's crafts. The more glue and sequins, the better. Gumdrop totally made their day by bringing them a craft kit to get into!!

Pass the glue, please.

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Amanda said...

I totally forgot to move Alvin last night. G was heartbroken. "Alvin didn't go back to the North Pole last night??" Daddy said, "Oh yes he did, but then he was so tired that he forgot to hide." M'eh. It works.