Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rough Night

Apparently Gumdrop had a rough landing, or a bar fight, or who knows what on his way back from the North Pole the other night. He must have been up to no good with his buddy Cupcake Thorberg.

Poor Gumdrop!
Rest your head on your "G for Gumdrop" pillow, buddy. Get some rest.

A nice, cozy bed. Some awesome bandaids. Some Junior Advil. A beautiful Christmas tree. What more could a broken Elf ask for??
This was a big hit with the 3 Raine circus. The benefit of me being behind in Gumdrop posts is you get to see the kids' reactions - this morning they insisted they all had booboos, too.

**Thanks to Megan and Cupcake Thorberg for the inspiration!!**


Anonymous said...

very cute! but are declan nails painted red??

T Mc Q said...

Yep. I painted the girls' nails for their pictures and he wanted his done as well.

Stefanie Lewis said...

I was about to ask about his nails..... what did Raine think about this?

T Mc Q said...

??? He doesn't care.