Monday, April 15, 2013

All About Talia

Talia just completed a school project called her "All About Me" box. About a month ago we got a letter home that instructed us on how to put together a box full of special things for Talia to share with her class.

We found a box (it was a good excuse for me to buy new runners) and Talia chose the wrapping paper we covered it with. Then she decorated it - cut out the letters for her name, put some stickers on, and a copy of her school picture this year. Then we got busy filling it up.  She's been busy showing it to everyone who came to our door for the last month. (You are welcome, nice man from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.)  She is so into it, it's easy to be a captive audience for her.

We put in her tiny little baby hat, the ankle band from the hospital, and her baby booties. I also have her umbilical stump in a ziplock in her memory box, but Raine said I would look like a weirdo freak hippie if I sent it. Ha! So true. Daddy told her which book was her favourite when she was a baby, and it went in the box.  She was also supposed to bring her favourite toy, so good old Ted made his way into the box this morning.

Part of the assignment was to include some pictures. So we added her collage of birthday pictures:

as well as a bunch of other pictures of her being silly, her with her siblings, etc. 

This morning she practiced what she would tell her class about each picture. This one made me cry:
"This is my Daddy holding me when I was just borned. He has a big smile because he never holded a baby before! I'm the first baby in our family!"

But when she was at school and telling her class about her Daddy in this picture, this is what actually happened:
Mrs. F asked: What does your Daddy do when he goes to work?
Tal (shrug): He buys the bacon and bwings it home.
Mrs. F (trying not to laugh): Does your Mommy bring home the bacon too?
Tal: Nah. Just little bacon. Bacon bits.
Leave it to Tal to put her own special spin on things. :)
I can't believe that tiny little first baby is already old enough for a school project. Good job, my girl. I hope you're just as excited about every project you do over the next 12 + years!! 

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TishaRie said...

That girl is hilarious! Love.