Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer 2013

So. It's summer time. Summer! When we throw schedules out the window. When we concentrate on having fun with our babies. When we take great joy in hustling out the door early in the morning to pack as much fun as we can into the day. When we even occasionally shrug our shoulders and say "Meh. They don't need supper, they had a lot of ice cream this afternoon."

But this year is different. Sure, we're still having lots of fun. Sure, we are crossing things off our summer bucket list. But this year we're fitting fun days in around a schedule that looks like this:

Thursday 8am - Declan to Children's Hospital - lump check

Monday 2pm - Declan to Variety Children's Heart Centre - echocardiogram

Wednesday 11am - Declan to Naturopath

Monday 9am - Declan to Dr. Lee - sores on head

Thursday 4pm - Declan to Children's Hospital - lump check

And so on, and so on. With a liberal sprinkling of Emergency Room visits, bloodwork, x-rays, etc. Right now we are anxiously waiting to hear when Declan's biopsy will be.

What? Biopsy? How did this become our life?

This boy - MY boy - is sick. Really sick.

He's had more days like this than we'd like. He has some mysterious lumps that have multiplied and grown. He has random fevers and swelling. He suddenly has an enlarged heart and murmur. He has days where he is a sad little lump who sleeps all day and all night. We don't know what's up. There are many theories floating around right now - maybe a virus. Maybe tuberculosis. Maybe even cancer, although nobody wants to say it. Personally, I'm praying for a virus. Ha. When do you hope your kid has a virus? When the alternative is too scary to comprehend, that's when.

So we keep on going. We have fun when we can and we go to the hospital when we need to. We are tired and we are terrified. And hopefully we will look back on Summer 2013 as the summer that our little buggar Declan gave us the scare of a lifetime due to a strange virus that ended up being no big deal. Fingers crossed, everyone.


Jennifer Wald said...

We love you guys! xOxOxOxO

Amanda said...

How am I only reading this now? Good thing I get daily play by play updates.