Friday, November 21, 2008

Back from the Land of Half Perms...

Well, Littlenose and I are back from our big trip to mommy's hometown. We were pleasantly surprised to see several people still rockin' the half perm. Some things never change. Awesome.

We had a quick trip to visit Grammie and Grampy this week. Check out these pics - Grammie playing patty cake, Grampy whispering farming secrets to his grandbaby, and Littlenose with a soother in her mouth and one in her hand - otherwise she spends all evening "pulling the plug" and ticking herself off. Thanks to my friend Jac for the 1 in the mouth, 1 in each hand tip!
To give you an indication of how our visit went, here is a transcript of a conversation I had with Grampy just a few months ago when the Internet came to the Parkland....:

M'Dad: Suse!
Me: Dad!
M'Dad: Suse, I need some help with the computer!
Me: Don't you have Kent's number? Ha ha ha ha ha!
M'Dad: C'mon, I need to know how to get to that YouFace.
Me: What?
M'Dad: You know, YouFace. You can go there and look people up and see what they're doing and stuff. I tried to click there and I ended up in some god damned singles club!!!
Me: Oh! You mean Facebook!
M'Dad: Yeah, whatever. How do you do it?
Me: Well, don't click on anything that says LavaLife. That will keep you out of the singles club. Then you have to sign up and make a profile for yourself, then you can add people as friends and they can see the pictures you add, read your status updates, stuff like that.
M'Dad: What?!? Who the hell would want to read about me?
Me: Bingo.

Someday m'baby will have conversations like this with me. Sigh.

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