Sunday, November 9, 2008

Consider us showered.....

Whew! Busy day yesterday. Talia and I were lucky enough to take in 2 tea parties yesterday. First, we met up with our friends Tammy, Michelle and Kade for the Caddy Lake Tea - a couple of hours of craft sale, bake sale, mystery jar bar, "OMG, your baby is so tiny!!," enjoying tea and dainties, and one little girl's burned hand - boo. I took a chance on a lumpy, foil covered, very heavy plate at the bake sale only to be pleasantly surprised by an entire pan full of chocolate chip cookie bars. Victory was mine.

After the Tea, we zipped over to Auntie Shannon's house where we were spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!!! Good friends, good food, guaranteed good times. How can you go wrong at a party with not one, not two, but three beautiful babies to snuggle with?? Not to mention a variety of small children with balloons, a diaper cake, and fairy wands. What a perfect day. Check out these pics - Mrs. Mc's specialty, the diaper cake, followed by gorgeous Hannah the baby whisperer (this is right before she asked me if she could take Talia home with her), and finally Auntie Shannon, giving Talia a super safe toy for a 4 month old baby.
Thanks to all you rule-breakers who did not let your presence be your gift, and special thanks to Shan, Erin and Courtney for putting on a great afternoon!

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mama in waiting said...

trina - watch auntie shannon. for talia's five month birthday, a henckel. i kid you not.