Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ow, my freakin' ears...

Yesterday my Monkey and I packed up our colds and took them to the mall to meet our friends for some mall walking, now that our Stroller Fit class is over. Little did we know, it is Fire Drill Week at the mall. This means that the fire alarm goes off between 9:15 and 10:00am everyday, all week. And I don't mean it randomly rings for 30 seconds at some point between 9:15 and 10:00am, I mean it rings continuously. At full volume. For the full 45 minutes. Yikes! Our babies were not impressed, so we ducked into Wal-Mart to spend a lot of money, I mean, get away from the noise. It's clearly the universe telling me not to exercise.

Things that happened at the mall yesterday:

- the aforementioned fire alarm
- strangers stopped me to chat about my extremely good lookin' baby and point out she wasn't wearing socks
- 2 people complimented me on Monkey's skin colour and asked what ethnic background her Daddy is - and did not seem convinced when informed he is a plain old whitey from Ontario

We came home from the mall to be greeted by a call from the PC Party of Manitoba. They call here about once a month or so, just to check in. Now, those of you who know my good friend Erin also know that Erin likes to do things like sign up vegetarians to Meat of the Month clubs, etc. I can only assume that she has somehow signed me up with the Conservatives. I'm onto you, Erin!!!

ps - if you are following this blog, you may have noticed I'm trying out a variety of nicknames for the baby in an effort to get away from calling her "Stinky." Any suggestions are welcome. I'm clearly Mother of the Year.
pps - if you want to talk to Monkey, she is now taking calls - here's a pic of her chattin' up her Grammie


shannon said...

What ethnic background is "brown as a berry"? Prince Edward Island ethnicity? Hmmmm.

T Mc Q said...

Seriously. The same people commented on how fair-skinned I am. Perhaps they are colour blind?????

no way said...

uh-uh, I signed you up for signs from the Communist Party, the Natural Law Party (the yogic flyers) and the No Work Party (well, I left a message there, no one was available).

But the CONSERVATIVES? No, I blame your town. They've been Cons for so long, they just can't believe you're not going to vote that way, gah!