Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Team No Name?

Talia and I are all about the competition. We are on a team at my workplace, it's for a nutrition & activity competition. We get points based on how many steps we take in a day and how many servings of fruit, veggies, whole grains, and low-fat dairy we have in a day. Talia is bringing us down in the steps, but she's eating enough fruit and veggies to cancel out Michelle's Coca-Cola addiction. Our team name is still up in the air. Suggestions so far have been The Winners, Team Burger King, and Russia.
Yesterday I wore my pedometer, eager to kick everyone's ass, only to find out that when the weather is cold like this, Talia and I are sedentary. D'oh! I put Talia to bed and did laps of my house - downstairs, around the basement, up the stairs, around the main floor, back downstairs, again and again and again for 1/2 an hour. Bert and Ernie were confused - they started out stuck to my side, then just went up and down the stairs with me, an eventually decided to keep a close eye on my progress from their bed. Lazy dogs.
So far today we're up to 3,200 steps. Pathetic. And since it's freezing cold again (what's up with that? It's MARCH, for goodness sake!!!) it looks like I'm back to the basement. I better hurry up before our daily 4:30pm company comes over...... is Ashley really pregnant? will Katherine Chancellor be okay after the explosion? will Jill finally believe that is her mother? will Jeffy Pink and I bond over our common love for Y&R?

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shannon said...

Y and R craziness.
Hey health nuts: I'm just glancing down and noticing that my word verification is "fries." Delicious.