Saturday, March 14, 2009

Watch Out America, Here We Come

So Talia has 2 "aunties" that love to make a fuss over her but mostly love to use her to one-up each other. For example, they like to make separate dates with us and then while cuddling m'baby and whispering sweet nothings in her ears, they will slip in little gems like "Auntie Tammy stinks" or "Auntie Michelle will never be your favourite like I am..." The Aunties are going to have to call a truce, though, because the 4 of us are off to Grand Forks next month for a girl's getaway! Woo-hoo! I am embarassed to admit I have never been to the States, not even for cheap booze or a trip to Target. I am so excited I doubt I will sleep between now and our departure date.

I'm even getting my passport updated for the big excursion - since none of my ID matches, and it's been 2.5 years since the botched name change (I mean wedding) I'm using our trip as the motivation I need to get my identity finalized. (Get yer suggestions for super hilarious middle names in now....)

This pic was taken the same day as Tally's passport photos were taken. Apparently they won't accept a photo for a passport if it has a plastic fishbowl in it, so we decided to go with the professional passport photo. But this one is way cuter.


T-Ray said...

Auntie Tammy here, feeling the need to defend my good name. I believe it is not my fault that the second Talia sees me she scream "There she is Auntie Tammy, my favorite aunite". If the other aunite feels the need to whisper evil things in here ear than you may want to consider limiting her time with the sweet Talia!

M-Cat said...

Auntie Tammy? Auntie Schmammy I say!

Okay, you are alright for Tally's Mennauntie, however she and I have a firm, hand-shaken agreement that she is to shower your with smiles and squeals ONLY so you don't feel tormented that I REALLY am her favourite aunt - it's a little thing we call postive reinforcement.

As for the states - raine really? never been to target? oh boy, big raine better check on a line of credit....and we will have so MUCH fun, with columbia mall (bath & body works), Target and 5$ payless shoes.

You can NEVER have enough hand soap from B& reimer - you better be on your best behaviour or we will leave you in the van while we go into shop!