Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thank You, Mother Nature

Well, after yesterday's frenzied pumping of the window wells ALL FRIGGIN' DAY, Mother Nature is helping a fella out with a spring snow storm. Awesome! I am staying inside, warm and cozy, relaxing while m'baby has a long winter's nap. And while I know all this snow is inevitably going to melt and end up in my window wells (creating another lousy day like yesterday) or possibly making the difference in the flood-caused evacuation, I also know that day isn't today, so I don't care.

This afternoon Talia and I are off to visit Talia's possible future daycare. It is right down the street, so the snowstorm won't stop us. (Talia isn't scared of any snowstorm, she'll be safe and dry in Daddy's boot, after all.) I really hope it all works out. My awesome friend Marci has a spot for Talia in her home daycare, which is close to my office, but that office is too far away. I just can't justify having Talia in the car for 2 hours everyday if there is a spot for her this close to home, even though Marci would love her and spoil her and teach her so much she could skip elementary school and go right to Junior High.

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