Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ooopsy Daisy

I like this sequence of pictures, since it most accurately represents what was going on in the backyard the other day. I picked up this little scooter to help Talia learn to walk at Sears. (It was an awesome purchase, by the way - reg. $30, on sale for $6.) It goes awfully fast on the hard floors inside, so to give her a change of pace from the small patch of carpet over by the dog kennels, I moved it outside last week.

Talia loves it. She walks all over the place as long as my hands are touching her - I'm not actually holding her up or guiding her in any way, but she won't take a step unless she feels me touching her somewhere. If I'm not holding her, she will stand there all day, hanging on to the scooter - until she falls over. The first afternoon, she was lucky enough to have all of her falls broken by a poor, unsuspecting pup.

1. Here's how the day began. Bert, playing his usual role as Talia's shadow:

(Talia realizes there is a nice, soft pup to land on and begins falling backwards, landing on Bert.)

2. Bert, beginning to think there is some connection between Talia standing at the scooter and Talia, landing on his back and/or head repeatedly. He approaches cautiously from the side:

(Talia stops falling backwards and begins lunging to the side.)

3. Bert, taking a page out of Ernie's book and staying far away from his short-legged attacker:

(Talia senses there is no longer a safety cushion anywhere near her and opts to sit on her scooter.)

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Mommy Mouse: said...


I need to take the scooter to the park for LM. She's getting tired of crawling around in the grass. (Actually, I'm getting tired of pulling her back into the shady part.) This will give us minutes of new fun.

Thanks for the great idea!