Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 1

Our company is gone, and Daddy has gone back to work, leaving Mama outnumbered. My goal for today is for Daddy to return to the same number of wives, children and pets that he left here this morning.

So far, so good. My meds have kicked in already, so I am practically not bothered at all by my sinus/ear infection. Talia slept in until 8am, Declan slept in until almost 10am. The staggered wake-up time was the perfect way to ease into our day. So far everyone has gotten up, gotten dressed, had breakfast and lunch, 1 of the 3 of us has bathed (mmmmm, clean baby smell) and now both babes are having naps. Talia was also on the receiving end of her very first-ever time-out, but we all survived the morning without a problem. Victory is within reach, my friends.

When people learned that we were having our second baby when our first was 19 months old, they almost all had some kind of horror story to tell us, and usually ended the conversation with "You'll be busy!!!" Um, thanks. That kind of advice was so terribly helpful. We would usually brush it off, but from time to time I would have moments of panic, thinking THAT MANY PEOPLE CAN'T BE WRONG. Fortunately, Rainer would calm me down in these moments. In the words of my darling, caring, supportive husband: "People way stupider than us have more than 1 kid all the time, how hard can it be?"

So far it honestly has not been any big deal. We realize that we've been blessed with 2 easy babies, and that we may be in for it yet. But look at those babes. Who cares how hard it might be? Love!!

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Jennifer said...

First off: LOVE Rainer's quote. You know how people put quotes up on their walls in either the stick-on stuff or paint it on? That would be the perfect quote to put up. Maybe in front of the focal point of the family - the TV.

You'll do fine! You're an excellent Mom, and all you have to do is get through one day at a time. Plus, as you've mentioned, the meds do wonders.

That picture makes me laugh. It reminds me of the first time I went to Winkler to see Gavin, and he was at some point in time laying on a baby blanket. When Chelsea came into the living room to watch TV, she had to sit on the majority of the blanket, almost on top of him. Exchange the children, and you've got the exact same picture!