Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is There a Duckta in the House?

This morning we headed off to the big city for m'big girl's 2 year appointment with our awesome doctor, who we refer to in this house as "MY Duckta."

Things started off like they always do, we came in, Talia screeched "Robot!!!" and dug to the bottom of the toybox in search of her favourite duckta's office toy. The receptionist/nurses made a big fuss over T's curly, curly rat's nest, and Declan voiced his displeasure re: having to wait for 30 seconds in his miserable car seat until Mama got him out to nurse.

Talia was measured against the wall chart for the first time - only babies lay down on the table to be measured, you know. She's a towering almost 31 inches tall, which makes her almost as tall as the Duckta herself, and the average height of a 1 year old. She's also about 28 lbs, which doesn't seem like all that much for a 2 year old, but let's remember that she's as tall as a 1 year old. (Nice and sturdy, that's how we grow 'em here at the Raine Drop.)

Then it was our turn to see MY Duckta. MY Duckta talks a mile a minute and zips around the room like her hair is on fire. Did I mention she is awesome? She was very impressed to see Talia was not wearing a diaper, and therefore potty trained, and heaped much praise and many high-fives on Tal. Talia did her best to return this praise by commenting "Baby (lady) wun!" (as MY Duckta was getting the vaccination ready) and "Baby (lady) talk fasssssss!" (whenever MY Duckta spoke to her.) This may or may not have amused MY Duckta, who responded to these compliments with high-fives and a shot. Yaaaaaay.... OUCH!!!!! MY Duckta gave her a sucker, which seemed to only make things worse, as Tal took about 3 licks and then handed it over in favour of her boring, dry Cheerios. What an odd child.

We were in, out, and buckled back into carseats in about 20 minutes - just the way I like it. Tal has no more shots until kindergarten and doesn't need to go back until she's 3. Of course, I'm sure I'll be dragging her along as we repeat this entire process in 3 weeks for Declan. Good thing we like MY Duckta, sometimes it seems like we see her more than we see our friends!!

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