Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who Needs Pants?

Once upon a time I was freshly out of U of M with my Commerce degree clutched in my hot little hand. I had a job that I hated and m'boyfriend (now husband!) had gone back to K-Town for the summer, to work at the mill and make the big bucks.

I came home from working at my crappy job (it paid the bills, was in my field, but it. just. sucked.), put on a big old t-shirt, and curled up on the couch with a cozy blanky while deciding what I would do about supper. About 2 hours later The Bro came by with his girlfriend (now my sister-in-law!), walked into my (apparently unlocked) apartment, woke me up and said "Let's go for supper!" I groggily looked up at him through my sleep-filled eyes and said "I'm not wearing any pants."

The Bro thinks this is the funniest damn story EVER and likes to repeat it at family functions several times a year. He will be so pleased when he sees this picture of his favourite niece:

Pants are SO overrated.


Jennifer said...

Imagine that! I'm currently hanging out at a house this week where the theme is "pants optional". I, however, do try to wear them.

BTW, the theme of this week is "Gavin, let's change your poopy bum".

Amanda said...

Jen already said it, but in my house, "pants are optional". Chances are, one, if not both, of my kids won't be wearing pants if you spontaneously stop by. Seriously, who needs pants?