Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello, Summer!

Well, we welcomed summer in fine form this past weekend in K-town.

Rainer grew up just outside of Kenora, in Keewatin. Let me translate that for anyone not from there: Rainer grew up in Kenora. (Seriously, everyone who lives there is so adamant that there is a huge difference in the 2, yet NOT ONE OF THEM can tell me where exactly Keewatin ends and Kenora begins. It's ridiculous already.)

Anyway, since July 1 fell mid-week this year, Kenora decided to postpone their celebrations until the weekend (BOOOOOOOOOO! Super lame, Kenora!!!) but Keewatin stepped up and saved the day by putting on a great celebration complete with an artisan market, live musical entertainment in the park all day, a petting zoo, pony rides, bouncy houses, soap box derby, and a fun parade where the Circus Kids rode their unicycles and walked on stilts up and down all those hills. Amazing!! Tally liked the playground, petting zoo, and following the ponies around. We all liked the parade and the chip truck chips. I did my patriotic duty and refrained from rolling my eyes when people compared the day to Kenora's usual festivities to the new "small town" celebration. (It's all the same place, people. Seriously.)

We also played in the water a lot, and watched fire works from Grandma and Grandpa's deck. We ended up staying 2 extra days (1 day for fun, 1 day to avoid being on the highway in the middle of the tornado warning) and had a great visit. And whether you call it Kenora or Keewatin, it's a beautiful place.

Now we're back to real life, which is also awesome. Talia and I played in the pool for 2 hours this morning while Declan napped. Ah, summer. Hello, my old friend. So kind of you to reappear just in time for Talia's birthday bash this Saturday.


Jennifer said...

The tornado would have made the trip home faster. Or else you would have ended up in Dryden.

I'm glad that you clarified that Keewatin and Kenora are basically the same place - I was in Kenora when I was in high school, but didn't pay all that much attention to the geography. (Although with all the rocks and trees and water, it's a place that I want to go back to.)

You forgot to mention how you multi-tasked while in the pool - sending out emails selling cheap pharmaceuticals at the same time. Should I be offended that I did not get such an offer?

Jaclyn and Devan Swallom said...

It is so weird to me to see you mention places that my family grew up in. lol

Amber said...

Where is this?

T Mc Q said...

Jackie - does your family insist on separating all the different areas, too?

Amber - it's just across the border in Ontario.