Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Music Lessons and One Wet Dog

Here is Talia, happy as a clam and on her way to her very first music lesson:

However, in the 15 minutes it took us to get to music lessons, she fell asleep and turned into a grumpy bear. I think she actually has the cold her brother has had this past week. She was really timid and seemed scared of the 6 boys in her class - she's the only girl and they were WILD with excitement, but still. Talia has the wild boys at daycare wrapped around her little finger, I totally thought she would jump right on the crazy train. But no. She cried and stayed glued to me for almost the entire lesson. It was very odd, as Talia is typically the most independent 2 year old I've ever met and very rarely wants to be picked up or cuddled, especially when she's out at a program or with other kids.

THANK GOD Declan was happy to lounge in his bucket and watch the show. I almost didn't bring the carseat in - he's now gained enough weight that he's at that stage where he's too heavy to take any distance in the carseat, but when I don't bring it with us, I wish that I had. (And vice versa. You know that stage? Right. I hate it. But it was pouring rain and both kids were asleep when we got there, so it was just easier to pop the seat out of the car and run him into the house.) He even got to have his sucky for the entire 45 minutes - he's down to only having it for naps and bedtime - in an effort to plug up his gross cough, and it worked like a charm. Sick baby? What sick baby?

Anyway, as luke-warm as she was while we were there, she chattered away about the star she made all the way home (Look Mommy! See? See my star? Twinkle! Twinkle!) and when we got home she had to call Grammie, Daddy, and Uncle to tell them all about it. Plus she sang the songs (that she refused to sing at the lesson) and did all the actions (that she refused to do at the lesson) so I guess she picked it up anyway.

Then she had multiple phlegmy coughing fits, cried her way through lunch, and went down for her nap early. My apologies to the wild boys, although Talia was so scared of them she didn't let them come within 4 feet of her, so she probably didn't pass on round 2 of the Great Plague to any of them.

In other news, I made the dogs stay outside for about 1/2 an hour while I was waiting for my friend to drop by because I didn't want them to freak out at the door and wake up my light sleeper, Declan. I felt a little bad because it was still raining, but whatever, if they were smart they would know to wait under the picnic table, a dry spot about 2 feet away from where they usually hang out on the deck. One of them was smart enough to do that. The other one was not. So of course poor Bert smells like a wet dog, which makes me throw up. And bless his little heart, Bert always sticks to me like velcro when I'm sick and tries to lick me better, which just makes me throw up more. Sigh. I think I should crawl into bed with my 2 sick little Rainedrops.

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