Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rub A Dub Dub

...... two big kids in the tub.

Look how delighted Declan is to be in the big boy tub! Look how less than thrilled Talia is! Talia's been begging for months "Brutter coming in bath?" When he finally made his big tub debut the other night, Talia grabbed the cloth and started to drown, I mean, bathe him. She thinks this bathtime duet is super lame since Daddy won't let her wash Declan.


Amanda said...

How on EARTH are those two kiddos related??

They are super cute though. Lovin the chubs!

T Mc Q said...

I know, right???? I don't understand the people who tell me they look so much alike. Clearly there was some mix-up at the hospital with one of them.

I wonder if #3 will be a weird hybrid of them both?

The Turner Family said...

Haha! Ben has a love/hate relationship with taking baths with his sis. Can't wait to see what he thinks when I throw all 3 of the kids in there at the same time! Your babes are adorable!